Gender Equality

The Christian view of man asserts the equal dignity of men and women which originates from man’s likeness to God. Efforts to promote gender equality, steps to overcome existing injustices and measures aiming at a gender-sensitive perception of social and church actions hence are a logical consequence of this basic theological tenet.

In many fields of its work, the German Commission for Justice and Peace time and again realizes that taking into account the different impacts on men and women is extremely important for the success of a measure or project.

The Church, by tradition, plays a major and important role in development cooperation as well as in development-policy education. The Church can and should see this as an opportunity: In this field of work which, from its self-image as a solidary universal Church – is indispensable and at the same time is the yardstick to measure its credibility, the Church can set an example for a culture of gender equality.

Impulse Paper "Gender equality and universal church action“ 
The Justice and Peace Commission organised a Round Table to discuss the different aspects of gender equality in universal church work with the aim to bring together expert discourses on the chosen topic and on the respective gender debate.

Gender Round Table on 22 February 2011

Decent work for domestic workers – a matter of gender equality and solidarity!
Gender Round Table on 23 June 2009

Migration from the gender perspective – the example of Ukrainian workers in Germany