Millennium Development Goals

In 2000, the international community has agreed on the millennium declaration from which eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were subsequently derived which were to be achieved by 2015. A particular contribution of the Justice and Peace Commission to achieving the millennium goals is the project to promote decent work in the informal economy in rural areas. Since the year 2004, the Commission and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) work together on the question of how the right to freedom of association can be implemented in the informal economy.  Excerpts and key statements are documented in issue no. 110 of the series of publications on justice and peace entitled “Organise – don’t resign”. Discussions of the JP Commission with members representing the Industrial Trade Union Building-Agriculture-Environment (IG BAU), the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries Union (IG BCE), the Metal Workers' Industrial Union (IG Metall), the Food, Beverages and  Catering Industry Trade Union (NGG) and the United Services Union (ver.di) at present focus on the parallel developments of labour markets in the age of globalization and on the maintenance or strengthening of bridges of solidarity and cooperation between North and South and East and West. Our references in this context are the orientation guide "Menschenwürdige Arbeit in der globalisierten Welt" which in the form of a Power Point Presentation (PPP) is a useful working instrument and the orientation guide “Decent income in the globalized world”
”Menschenwürdige Arbeit in der globalisierten Welt"

”Decent income in the globalized world"

”Organise – don’t resign"

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United Nations Millennium Goal