Post - 2015 Agenda

Deliberations on the international development cooperation after 2015 are on the agenda of the United Nations general assembly. The Justice and Peace Commission urges to give sustainable development, the continuation of the MDGs and human rights a binding and common basis. The crises of the past years threaten a positive development of the fight against poverty because they violate fundamental rights of the poor. The causes of the current crises, but the effects as well are related to one another, and this ought to be taken into account in order to find solutions. The adaptation to climate change for example and a recovery from the economic slump will not ensure sustainable food and energy supplies or the maintenance of social peace if no attention is paid to a healthy rural development, a careful use of natural resources, and to the social security of those concerned. A participation of all, especially of groups from developing and newly industrialized countries, in the determination of goals is necessary. Concepts on an orientation towards the common good or sustainably lifestyles do really exist. It was not until 2007 that decent work was approved as one of the millennium development goals. The prospects to anchor the global targets decent work and social security as independent and priority targets in the Post-2015 Agenda are much better.
The Justice and Peace Commission contributes to the debate on the Post-2015 Agenda in cooperating with other Catholic organisations – in particular with Kolping international that has a consultative status with the United Nations. The cooperation of the Justice and Peace Commission with international Catholic organisations such as Kolping international, Caritas internationalis, the World Movement of Christian Workers (WBCA), the international young workers organisations CIJOC and JOCI, the International Christian Union of Business Executives UNIAPAC, the International Catholic Migration Commission ICMC and pax romana aims at promoting the target ‘decent work and social security’ for all in the Post-2015 Agenda and at supporting the respective work of the ILO.

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