The end of the conflict between East and West, which also had a strong impact on the Third World regions, opened up new opportunities for peaceful developments while also provoking new dangers and reviving old conflicts. In this context, the German Commission for Justice and Peace intends to apply and develop the Church's teaching of peace. Reconciliation and reappraisal of a burdened past are also particularly important issues today.

Justice and Peace

  • works closely with experts of different disciplines to elaborate concepts for improving the institutional and political prerequisites for justice and peace
  • makes a peace-ethical and peace political contribution to the dialogue between Church and politics
  • endeavours, in co-operation with the partners in the crisis regions, to make specific Church contributions which help to overcome wars and irreconciliation
  • organises a dialogue between Catholic organisations, the members of which are committed to peace in different ways (e.g. as soldiers or as 0conscientious objectors)
  • helps, in the context of new peace-political challenges, to develop concepts for and to organise new and existing Catholic peace organisations.