Human Rights

In most countries of the world human rights are still being violated. The poor, women and minorities are more threatened than others. In many countries the Churches and human rights organisations are on the side of the victims. For that reason they are often persecuted themselves. The German Commission for Justice and Peace is committed to protect the victims and those who defend human rights.


  • Justice and Peace endeavours to bring specific cases of human
    rights violations to the attention of the public and of politicians
  • Justice and Peace intervenes with those governments which
    themselves violate human rights or do not take vigorous action
    against human rights violations in their country
  • Justice and Peace urges German politicians to consider particularly
    human rights aspects in their policies in the fields of development
    co-operation, foreign affairs and international economic relations
    (e.g. the problem of arms exports)
  • Justice and Peace endeavours to develop the human rights work
    of the Church and the state, e.g. to achieve that human rights of
    women are put into practice. This is not only a matter of defending
    human rights, but also of promoting them. Conditions are required
    which minimise human rights violations
  • Justice and Peace organises the dialogue between Catholic
    organisations which are committed to human rights.